Jiqing Plastic more than 20 years of history has focused on the plastic daily necessities industry, products with reliable quality, beautiful shape best-selling all over the country.
Provide stable quality products for people to create a happy life, Home Furnishing, is auspicious consistently.
We always adhere to and remember:
We have to create the best quality of life as its own responsibility, the quality of raw materials, details of the perfect, practical, affordable, is our persistent pursuit,
We have to create a happy life responsibility, we are the pioneers of happiness Home Furnishing.
We are active and lead us on the journey to the higher mountains, we always remember our responsibilities, with the spirit of hard work and perseverance,
Take a more positive attitude to the challenges and create a better life for people.
Sincerity is make us shine the advantages, we sincerely to wait, I believe friendship and mutual help between the person and the person the best way to get along with.
For people to bring more happiness and happiness is our greatest hope.
Ji, The good things. It expresses people's expectation of peaceful life, and it is the eternal theme of every family.
Bring blessings to people's family, bring happiness, but also our expectations.
Qing is a blessing, a blessing, a blessing, is more of a share, convey happiness, happiness,
Over the years, to create quality products, to understand the life of every family, to create a warm life,
Jiqing to a happy life with constant pursuit, that people bring happiness to honor.